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Who are your clients?

Most of my clients are small business owners. Many are entrepreneurs or new business owners, artists or professionals. Some are getting their first website designed while others come to get their existing website refreshed or redesigned to stay current and on-brand. My clients are from many industries, including beauty, health, wellness, food, events, entertainment and professional services. The majority of my clients are located in Canada, however, I am happy to offer my services around the globe. In fact, if you are located in the USA, my services are in CAD Dollars (CAD) so you would likely be getting a great deal with the exchange rate!

Where are you located?

I am located in Port Moody, BC Canada. Sidekick Web Design & Writing is an online business and therefore, I am able to offer my services to you, no matter where you are located.

What currency are your prices in?

I charge for my services in Canadian Dollars (CAD). With the current US Dollar (USD) exchange rate, this is a great bonus for clients in the USA with the current exchange rate.

Why don't you provide a phone number on your website?

That's a great question. I provide my phone number to clients and to serious enquiries only. By booking an initial consultation, I can then schedule time dedicated to YOU so you have my undivided attention. By not publishing my phone number, this helps avoid unexpected interuptions throughout my workday (especially from "spam" phone calls!) which then allows me to get fully immersed in my work. I like to stay "In The Zone" when I am designing and writing, and uninterrupted sessions of work is when I am most productive - time efficiency! Getting deep into the creative process and being efficient with time is a benefit to you too, as a client! I am flexible with each clients' needs. I can conduct business by phone, zoom meetings or email. Know that I am always available in some way throughout the day, either by email or text when we are working on a project. In saying that, much of our correspondence is done by email so there are written records for each of us, regarding the decisions we make as we work through your project. Regardless of how we correspond, you can be sure that I will provide you with friendly and attentive customer service.


What payment types do you accept?

I accept etransfers to I also offer online payments through Stripe where you can pay by credit card.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans vary, depending on the scope of the project and your needs. I am very flexible in setting up payment plans that work for YOU. Because I work with a lot of new and/or small businesses, I understand that cash flow looks different with each business. Let me know what your ideal payment plan is and I will do my very best to offer a payment plan that comfortably works for you.

Website Design

What website builder do you use to build websites?

I have built websites on Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace. My favourite website platform and website builder of choice is Wix. I am a Wix Partner so the majority of my website builds are with Wix. I will currently only take on a Wordpress or Squarespace project on a case-by-case basis. You can contact me to enquire. Learn more about my website design services >

Why do you like to use Wix to design websites?

These are some of the reasons why I like using Wix to build websites: 1. Wix has great security features. So important! Whereas with Wordpress, plugins and themes can have malware attached to them and you are responsible with keeping plugins and themes up-to-date to prevent hacking opportunites. 2. You don't have worry about software updates. Wix looks after those for you. 3. A free SSL Certificate is automatically included with all Wix websites - an SSL Certificate provides a secure connection for your visitors, meaning, they will see the "secure lock' icon in the address bar when they are browsing your website - expect people to quickly leave your website if they do not see that secure lock icon. 4. Great design freedom, with no coding required. That often means a quicker build for you and less time = lower cost for you! 5. Good customer service. Everyone I have talked to at Wix is always so nice and helpful. It is so valuable to have a go-to place for help with issues that come up because there will always be issues, questions or clarification needed, no matter what website builder you use. You want a good customer service team when you do need to get assistance. With Wordpress, you often have to rely on forums or searching the internet for troubleshooting solutions because Wordpress is an open source CMS, so they don't have a dedicated support team. 6. Wix provides you with a built-in, easy to use dashboard to create quotes and invoices, manage clients, bookings, inventory, and more. I had a client who initially built his website on a different platform. I designed a new website on Wix for him. He was impressed with how easy it was to add products, but he more blown away at how much time was saved with managing incoming orders through Wix's dashboard, as he previously managed orders manually. 7. Because no coding is required, my clients can take over managing information updates, product updates, etc. on their website, should they wish to take on that task. 8. Wix provides a great media library if we need to use stock photos or graphics to incorporate into your website design. 9. Wix provides such a great community and learning environment - this is great for me to constantly learn and grow and for you, should you want to take over the management of your website once it is built. Learn more about my website design services >

Are there limitations to what Wix can do?

Every website builder has limitations. Every website builder has pros and cons. But, designers use website builders because it saves time and therefore, saves money, compared to having to hire a web developer to code your website from scratch. From my experience, I have found Wix to be the most accommodating with the projects I have worked on. With a clear scope of your project, I am better able to advise you from the start if there will be any specific limitations to the website build however, I can never guarantee an inclusive list of limitations your project may encounter as there are so many variables in play. However, there are solutions to overcome most limitations: 1. Workarounds - there are creative ways to work around website builder limitations. This is my job to try and find a creative way to create what you need. 2. Apps - there are apps (free and paid versions) that can be added to the website for added features that may be needed. 3. We may need to hire a Wix Velo Developer to write customized code to add a feature you need on your website, however, know that the vast majority of standard websites do not require any specialized coding as Wix includes most features needed for a classic website. Learn more about my website design services >

What is your web design process?

This is an example of what you can expect when you hire me for your web design project: Free 30 Minute Consultation: This is a discovery session where you can ask questions, get a feel for how I work and an opportunity for me to learn about your needs and expectations. We can conduct the meeting by phone or on Zoom. A questionnaire will be sent to you to complete prior to the consultation so I can better under the scope of your project in advance - this will help maximize the use of your consultation time. Email me to book a free 30-minute consultation. Quote and Contract: After our initial consultation, I will provide an estimated quote. Should you wish to proceed, we will then determine scheduling and project completion date and a contract will be drawn up at that time. Once signed, we can begin! Content: I use a content-first approach when designing so photos and web content (even if it is just in the draft stage) will need to be provided before the actual designing starts. However if you included photo sourcing and/or UX writing in our contract, that will be my job! If that is the case, I will often conduct a deep dive with you to fully understand your business, target audience and your goals so that I can create content that will work for you. Because the writing is just as important as the design, if not more, I would recommend that you include me in this process. In addition, there will be a questionnaire that you will complete so I can learn a bit more about your design aesthetics and what you may like or not like when it comes to website designs. This helps me design a website that will reflect you and your brand. Website Design and Build: Once I have all the content, the web design and build can often take as little as 2 weeks to complete, however it can take longer, depending on the scope of the project. Revisions: I allow for 3 revisions. In most cases, only 2 revision stages are needed. What this means is that I will start to design the website and at a certain point, I will have you review it and provide feedback. I encourage you to provide ALL feedback, good and bad - this allows me to better understand your needs and aesthetics. I will then revise the design and you will review it again - this is Revision 1. Again, you will give feedback. We go through this process up to 3 times. We can go through more revisions but additional fees will apply therefore, it is important to take the time to review EVERYTHING so you can provide all necessary feedback from the start so we can tweak things to perfection by the 3rd revision. I find that this is an efficient and effective way to get your project competed on time and you business online! Mobile Optimization: Once your desktop website is "complete" I will then optimize the mobile version. This often requires only little adjustments and an additional Revision is included at this point. Wix Training: Once your website is ready, I will provide a 1-hour training session on the Wix dashboard where you can manage your clients and business. This training may happen before or after the launch, depending what works best for your situation. Launch Date: It's an exciting day where we launch your website. Go Live! I conduct testing and review the live website on both desktop and mobile to make sure everything is in working order and adjust anything that needs to be changed. Then we do a happy dance! 30-Day Post Launch: Within the first 30-days after launch, I will provide 60 minutes of service that you can use for any minor updates that you may need on the website and/or consultation regarding questions you may have about your new website. Learn more about my website design services >

How much will it cost for you to build my website?

The cost to build a website varies, depending on the scope of the project and your needs. For example, the price for a one-page website will be different than the price to build an e-commerce website. And, an e-commerce website with 20 products will be different than an e-commerce website with 200 products. Generally, website design services start at $1,200. Payment plans are also available in most cases. Learn more about my website design services > As an alternative, if you are thinking of building your own website on a website builder, I offer website audits for $125. What that means is that after you have built your website, you can hire me to review it and provide recommendations of what you need to add, remove or change to make your website more functional for both the user and for search engines to undertand what you offer and potentially rank you better. Learn more about my website audit services >


How much do you charge for writing projects?

I currently charge $40 CAD per hour for writing projects. The number of hours needed for a writing project depends on the scope of the project: - What type of writing project is it? Web content, blog post, brand story? - What is the length? Would I be writing 300 words or 10,000 words? - Is research involved? Am I tasked with researching information for the project or do you provide all the basic information and just want me to formulate it into an easily consummable and engaging piece of writing? - Do you have a rough draft and just want me to edit it and/or add a creative spin to it? Send me an email with the project details and if you can, the anticipated number of hours you think the project needs, and I will provide a quote.

How quickly can you complete a writing project for me?

Time availability and complexity of the project will determine how quickly I can complete the project. Contact me with your project details and your requested completion date and I will let you know if I can fit the project into my schedule to meet your deadline.


Do I need a website audit?

If you have built your own website or have an old website, I would definitely recommend a website audit. Just because you can build your website does not mean it will be a good one. There are many important design elements that you need to consider when building your website. Your family and friends may say your website looks great, but is it? You want someone from a distance, with no emotional attachment to you or your business, to provide you with constructive feedback on how good your website really is. With my website audits, I provide you with a report of recommended changes to make and I will prioritize them for you so you know what to focus on first. Some recommendations may be to change/add/remove something immediately, which I will provide the reasoning behind the "Why" and other recommendations will be just my opinion, which is still important from a user perspective but does not necessarily mean a change in the immediate future but something to keep note of - if you agree or have others provide you with the same feedback, then perhaps a change is needed. I will conduct the audit and issue you a report within 5 business days from when you purchase the service. To puchase, just email me and I will send you the Service Agreement and an Invoice that you can pay online or by etransfer. If you are new to social media, I also offer Online Audits to review your Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business (GMB) accounts...if you don't know what GMB is, you should definitely purchase my Online Audit. GMB is one of the most important tools you should be using as a new business to get found on Google. Learn more about my website audit services >

How soon can I expect my audit report?

Generally, you should receive your Audit Report withing 5 business days. In rare cases, there may be a delay due to my project schedule. Rest assured that I will be in contact with you to keep you informed if there are any delays and to provide you a date that you can expect to receive the report.

I recieved my Audit Report but I had a question about something in it. What can I do?

Yes, I would hate to have you not understand what is in the Audit Report! Feel free to contact me and we can set up a free 30-minute consultation for me to answer any questions that you may have about the report. As an alternative, you can submit your questions by email and I will send you an email response with the answers.

Social Media

Should I get an online audit?

A social media is ideal for people not familiar with or are new or not very active in using social media for their business. I review your Facebook, Instagram and/or Google My Business (GMB) accounts and provide feedback on how you can improve your online presence. Don't know what GMB is? Then you should definitely get an audit where I can share with you what to do and how to use GMB to increase your business's chance at being found organically on Google. Learn more about my online audits >

Why do you recommend using Canva and Canva Pro as a design platform?

As a Canva affiliate, I help promote Canva and may get paid a commission if you purchase a Canva Pro plan. But, why am I a Canva affiliate? Because I truly do love Canva! It has allowed me to create beautiful social media posts as well as many other brand assets. I am not a graphic designer but it sure does make me feel like one as I take different graphics, photos, fonts and colours and create something of my own, that's on-brand. I started on a Canva Free Account and I definitely recommend that you start there to get a feel for it. But for me, the low cost and big value that I get from a Canva Pro account is worth it to me. There is always a free trial going on so I do recommend to try the free trial and if you don't like it, then downgrade back to the Free canva account. You can try Canva Pro for free to see what I'm talking about: FREE Canva Pro Trial I have posted some social media posts on my Portfolio Page that were made on Canva so you can have an idea of what YOU can make too.

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