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Sidekick Design & Consulting designs code-free Wix and Wordpress websites for small businesses, non-profit organizations, artists, aspiring entrepreneurs, hobbyists, event organizers and anyone else who may need a website.

Whether you want a one-page website to have online presence, a classic website with multiple pages showcasing your company or a redesign to update and refresh the look of your website, Sidekick can bring your vision to life. 

What are the Benefits of a Code-Free Website?

Quicker Build

Designing and updating a code-free website uses code that has already been written, tested and confirmed to work. This allows for a faster build of your website.


With your website created faster, that means a lower cost to you compared to a website coded from scratch. It also means you can have an earlier launch date.



Having a code-free website allows you the ability to update and change your website easily at no additional cost. However, if you don't want that task on your plate then Sidekick has maintenance

packages available.


Website Design Packages

All Packages


Design consultation

Updates throughout the design process

Responsive website (Desktop vs Mobile view)


Optimized website (on-page SEO)

Social media links

Great for freelancers, event-related websites or any business that wants an online presence.


Recommended for any business that has limited web content or wants a website with easy navigation.

Includes up to 4 anchor menu items



One-Page Package

Classic Package

Great for all businesses. 


Your classic website with multiple pages organized to provide an easy user experience when navigating your website.

Includes up to 8 pages.



Custom Package

Great for new websites, website redesigns or if you started building your website but would now like someone to finish it for you.

Custom packages are needed if you require special features such as bookings or payents, or services such as web copy writing or photo sourcing.

You can update your own website

Your website will be built on a Wix or Wordpress platform so you can apply changes to your website easily, without having to know how to code.


However, if you would rather someone look after updating your website, you can purchase a Service Package from Sidekick Design & Consulting to look after your website maintenance for you.

Maintenance Packages

Do you want to have someone available to implement quick updates on your Wix or Wordpress website?

Perhaps you want blog posts you write posted to your website on a weekly basis and formatted so they are SEO-friendly or edited to have a more creative spin to them.


Maybe you run regular promotions each month or on specific holidays that you want to advertise on your website or you want eye-appealing social media posts created for your content.


Sidekick's Business Service Packages are a great option to have someone in your back pocket for those times you need an update on your website or to help you with other aspects of your business.

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out.

I aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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